“Shyamdas lives, breathes, sings, laughs and recites his love to the Divine. It is infectious! We feel deeply inspired by listening to him. He is a unique and bright light in the world.”

Deva Premal and Miten

“Shyamdas’ enthusiasm for the Bhakti teachings is contagious”

– Heart of Kirtan Newsletter

“Once again, I was swept into the magic of Shyam Das’s deep devotion, rich knowledge and poetry. It was an honor to play with him at Yogaville!! Hari Bol!!!”

Benjy Wertheimer

“If you love chanting the sacred names, an evening with Shyamdas is not to be missed!”

– Shiva Baum, Executive Producer of Krishna Das’s Breath of the Heart

“A scholar, a translator and a mystic, there’s a lot of love as well as wisdom in Shyamdas’s music and teachings.

– Debi Winston Buzil, Yoga Chicago

“Shyam Das is the real thing. His chanting is straight from the heart, infused with the authenticity and depth of his years as a temple singer in India. Pick up a copy of Beloved Chants and fill your home and car with pure devotion.”

– Robert Gass

“The yogi in love needs only to whisper the beloved name, and all desire is fulfilled. To hear Shyamdas speak of The Lover’s Life is to be transported into the eternal magical realm of love, where infinite possibilities become possible.”

– Sharon Gannon, founder of Jivamukti Yoga

“I am listening to ‘Shyama Gori’ [from Beloved Chants] and chanting along. Every time I listen to it, it brings me to tears of joy! I feel transported back to Vrindavan and my guru’s (Maharaji’s) ashram.”

– Sundari

“I love the 252 Vaishnava stories! Each account is like a mini-documentary. The characters seem to pop off the page into real life.”

– David Silver, documentary film maker

“Fantastic! It just gets better every time, and I become more inspired. Inner Goddess spoke deeply to me as a westerner on the devotional path. In this artful commentary on the way of the Gopis, we learn that grace can be delivered to us immediately and has no prerequisites. True to his name, Shyam Das guides and inspires us to serve with sanctity, beauty and joy.

– Alexis Houston

“Shyamdas has not only knowledge of devotional yoga – he can also share and speak about devotion from his own deep, personal experience. Shyamdas is not simply crazy, as one might gather from his wild devotional demeanor! Rather, he becomes completely intoxicated in the blissful state that arises through chanting the divine name.

– Chris Griffin, Sacred Fire Circle


“When the deer hear the rava, the sound of Hari’s flute, the fire of divine separation (ra) arises in them and then they are showered with nectar (va). They imbibe the divine rava and are mesmerized. Captivated by the sound, they realize their positions in God’s playground. It draws them close to Krishna and they sit near Him, determined and obsessed like a person who has taken a vow to fast until death. Those deer are like us: totally engaged with Krishna. He glances at them with the same loving mood with which He looks at us! They have attained the Gopis’ devotion!” — Ecstatic Couplets